Sda2 வர்த்தக அமைப்பு -

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This page is dedicated to the work and effort that Farmer Joe does for our students and the Forest Hills Gardening program. High disk I/ O - jbd2/ sda2- 8 process.
Understanding partition table with sda1 sda2 sda5. Sign in to continue to Google Sites. Log In Forgot Password. I know that / dev/ sda is the raw device, and that / dev/ sda1 is the partition or virtual device.

Differences between / dev/ sda and / dev/ sda1. உலக வணி க அமை ப் பு World Trade Organization ( ஆங் கி லம் ) Organisation mondiale du commerce ( பி ரெ ஞ் சு.

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They don' t have to be filled sequentially, so it' s possible, for example, to have an sda2 but no sda1. Now your system consists of.
With Farmer Joe" page located under the " Community/ Events" tab. This pointer ( sda2 in your machine) shows in fdisk as id 5 " Extended" - it extends the partitioning- scheme to more than the default 4 partitions normally possible.
Sda2 வர்த்தக அமைப்பு. My only concern at the moment is what appears to be intermittent but continuous high disk I/ O activity causing a general slowdown because of jbd2/ sda2- 8 process.

I have run a file server on a CentOS 5. Partition numbers 5 and up correspond to " logical.